A beauty management app

Zenoti is a five-explainer video series released all 2021 along.

Each video explains some aspects of this platform, from essential functions to specific items to certain users.

The project was split between online booking videos, marketing differentiator videos and membership videos.

Online Booking

Appointment Book

Seamless Simplicity For Guests

Marketing Differentiator

Web Insights

Microtargeted Segments


Great for guests


We have to redesign the characters from the client and build a coherent narrative along with the five videos.

Brand characters from client

Redesign characters by Ele&Uve


Therefore, storytelling that explains the ideas with a flowing mood was substantial.

The five videos took almost three months to be made, but we enjoyed the process from sketches to scene animation.

Character setup

A slight overview of the hand & arm rig

Some excerpts

Tiny bits (still & animated) from the videos


Client: Zenoti

Agency: DemoDuck

Art Direction & Illustration: Maaambo

Animation: Maaambo