ASISA Just another hour, please.

We were honored to be the animation directors for this national campaign, made with a team of fantastic people, under the command of the great chaps at biográfica. Technically, all the dynamic cameras mixed with traditional animation were quite a challenge, and the spots had to be carefully pre-visualized in 3D.

The minimal style and catchy music, with lyrics about taking care of yourself sleeping an extra hour each day made this spot a very popular one in Spain, and it received quite a bit of airtime nationwide.

Client: ASISA
Agency: J. Walter Thompson España
Directed by biográfica
Art & Creative Direction: Pablo Gálan
Producer: Nuria Grajal
Xoana Herrera
Additional Illustration & Storyboard: Jorge Liquete

Animation Lead: Maaambo 
Character Animation:
Asis Merino, Raul Madplane, Sancho Retáblez, Javier Ara, Rubén Animator
Animation & Compositing: Peter Cobo, Maaambo.
OEO Music, Pablo Parser (Music) Victor Pérez (Lyrics)